Look/Listen is a devised, design-driven performance that focuses on the integration of technology and storytelling. It makes use of wearable tech to give the performers direct control over lights and sound, and plays with putting these design elements at the forefront of the story.
It follows the antics of two humans who stumble upon an sentient ethereal light and its otherworldly caretakers.

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Money Play

Money Play is a devised piece about social class, wealth and guilt. It was created by a group of students over the course of a semester, and brought to the stage through a production class in the spring.
My involvement was two-fold: I was the sound designer for the show, but since it was a production class, I also acted as a mentor to other students who were interested in audio.

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Finding Home

Finding Home was an interactive sound gallery exhibit with 11 different headphone stations where a person could press a button, put on the headphones, and follow the story around the room, from station to station. It was a senior collaboration between Olivia Vazquez, Sam Whitney and myself.
My role was audio engineer, so I got all the headphone stations working, and designed a simple motion detection system that would stop/start an audio loop based on whether or not a person was sitting at a piano that we had set in the corner.

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This production is a fantastical, gender-bent imagining of Sarah Ruhl's Eurydice.
This show was one of the few design-driven productions I can think of at Hampshire. As such, its is one of the most (if not the most) ambitious projects I’ve ever worked on. I can say without a doubt that Eurydice is also the most schizophrenic sound design I’ve created. It has everything in it from Marvin Gaye to techno dance breaks to live voice distortion.

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Jesus Hopped the A Train

Jesus Hopped the A Train follows the stories of two inmates at Rikers Island, Angel Cruz and Lucius Jenkins. Angel is a hotshot Puerto Rican kid awaiting trial for (justifiable) attempted murder. Lucius is a convicted serial killer, biding his time until he’s extradited to Florida for execution.
The sound design for this production focused on punctuating the important moments of the show, from a low rumble that shook the audience during Angel’s titular monologue, to the faint ticking of a clock during Lucius’ final scene before his execution.

Time Stands Still

Donald Margulies's Time Stands Still focuses on photojournalist Sarah Goodwin, recovering in America from injuries suffered in a roadside bomb blast, who wrestles with the decision to embrace safety or return to the life she loves in Iraq.
This production was done as a junior directing project at Smith College.

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Written around 1610, Cymbeline is a tale of royal intrigue, strange coincidences, romantic betrayal, war and divine guidance. The production team worked create a unique fable-like environment using a range period references (in the clothing and audio) stretching across the 20th and early 21st centuries.

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Mixed-Race Mixtape

Through the eyes of Fig, a young mixed-race Chicano man, we watch his struggles with identity, issues of class, and casual and not-so-casual racism – all expressed through Hip-Hop on the theatre stage. Mixed-Race Mixtape portrays the experiences that shaped one young person’s identity and through these interactions with police, teachers, friends, and family, we are led to reflect on what has shaped our own identities.

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Elsinore: The Carnival

Elsinore: The Carnival is an interactive, site specific, immersive adaptation of Hamlet that puts the action in a carnival in the woods. Similar to Sleep No More, each character has a life of their own during the show, with events of the play happening asynchronously throughout the carnival grounds. Audience members can follow individual characters for a unique perspective of the play’s events.

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